In my teenage days my neighbour who used to play for a rock group was a lead guitarist and needed an acoustic guitarist to practice with. That's how I learnt how to play the guitar. I also played in college and took part in competitions.

In 2010 I got introduced to a local Waiata group (Waiata is the star associated with the ocean and the many kinds of food Māori gather from the sea) I slowly got back into practising my guitar skills. 

Recently I also started learning how to play the ukulele and joined a ukulele group


  • Guitar
  • Ukulele 


I like to write my own songs. After all music is a way of expressing our own thoughts and follow your heart. 


Once I found that writing the lyrics was so much fun I started composing the song. Composing music is giving the final touch to your song. Like a wave, a song needs to have and should maintain interest in a song. 

Which means the guitar style, pitch of a voice & rhythm has to flow smoothly throughout the song. 


The last stage is where my lyrics and music composition blends together and gets channelised through singing. If I can't sing from my heart then everything goes to waste

The entire journey of writing the lyrics, to composition & finally singing has turned out to be a beautiful journey